Thursday, June 26, 2014

Moving across the country...

A week ago I drove across the country. 

My wife got a job offer for a position on the other side of the country and we decided to go for it.  We packed up everything we could fit into a 5 x 8 trailer and got rid of everything else.  We either trashed, donated, or gave to family and friends all of our furniture.  It was a terrifying and exciting feeling. 

It is over 2200 miles from Richmond, VA to Phoenix, AZ.  That's a little more than 36 hours if you were to drive straight through without stopping to eat or sleep.  We broke it up into three and a half days.  Mind you we took both our cars; mine a Mustang filled to the ceiling and pulling a trailer, and hers an overstocked Beetle busting at the seams.  We some how survived this journey despite bringing along our two small but very vocal dogs and our toddler that can't stand to sit still for more than 5 minutes, on top of my amazing, superstar wife being pregnant.  And yes, we did move to the desert in the summer.  What kind of person does that?

Anyway, we made it and now that we are here.  I love it.  AZ is a beautiful state.  I don't even mind the 110 degree very dry weather we've been having.  It feels like 80's to me compared to the 95 degree humid summers in VA. 

With all the packing and moving and unpacking, I have gotten a bit behind on my writing.  I am still in the process of the final draft of the first book of my YA dark fantasy trilogy and currently 2/3 of the way through the first draft of the second book.  I am also working on a collection of short stories that I plan on releasing in a few months.  I will blog more on that later.  I am also working on a novella that I hope to release by the end of the year.  So yes, very busy.  And I am happy to be through with all the moving an packing and finally being able to sit down and write... late at night... while the toddler monster slumbers... please... let her sleep tonight... please...