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A Friend In Me
Loneliness can be painful.

For one man it's so unbearable that he's literally having the worst stomach pains of his life. It feels like something is inside of him, clawing it's way out. When he finally runs to the bathroom and sits down, he realizes how true that might be.

Sometimes you find friends in the strangest places.
 The Severed Limbs of Rheum Vimorae
There is a new fetish sweeping the country: a sexual interest in severed limbs.

The market has become so large that "limb-snatching" has replaced murder as the number one violent crime in the nation. A man dubbed The Phantom by the media has become the most successful snatcher, but when he returns home with the latest pair of limbs, things start to get strange. The limbs are still alive, moving on their own, and desperate to get back to their body.
The Dead Arms and Other Stories
In this collection of thirteen horror and bizarro tales, you will find a common thread: A darkness toying with life. Creatures coming in all shapes and forms, emerging from the darkest of places. These are the types of stories that will stick around with you long after you've read them.
Hobby Horses Then Straight Jackets
Jeffery Randle collides with thoughts of giant robots holding girls out castle windows when he wakes up in a mental institution and can't remember how he got there. He is quickly confronted by a sadistic guard nicknamed Tommy Bluesneakers and realizes he must escape if he is going to survive. Accompanied by his new friends, the neighboring patients Street doctor=smile, Children8, and Flower, Jeffery sets out into the tunnels beneath the institute while slowly starting to lose his mind.


Handstands For Alice
It was her favorite and only nightmare…

Wendy Cradle likes to wear old, tattered dresses and black combat boots despite the constant bullying from the kids at her school. As far back as she can remember she has had the same nightmare every night of her entire life. It’s not until her thirteenth birthday that things start to change. Her nightmare suddenly seems to disappear, only to be replaced by a voice. But this is no ordinary voice; this is the voice of the girl from her nightmare, Alice. Quickly Alice convinces Wendy to get revenge on the town that has bullied her, leading her step by step into a violent killing spree. However, Wendy soon realizes that Alice might have her own agenda for revenge and she must battle to keep control over both her mind and body.

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