Sunday, June 12, 2016

Back to the VA

So a lot has happened since I last blogged, starting with another cross-country move.  After just two years in Phoenix, AZ, we decided we had enough.  The city is beautiful, the mountains, the sunsets, the night storms.  We really enjoyed most of the life we had there, but we felt too isolated.  No friends or family for thousands of miles is tough when you have two small children.  We needed to get back to Virginia and back to family.  You don't realize how much you need those weekends when grandmother take the kids until you don't have them.  Its really difficult to maintain a relationship and have time for yourself without those free days.

The move back was significantly easier than the move out.  We took our time, stayed at nice hotels, and really relaxed, compared to the drive out where we had a deadline and stayed in cabins.  Going out we did it in three 10+ hour driving days.  On the way back we spread it over nearly five days, driving for only seven hours some days.  It made it easier on everyone.

Since being back I have focused my reading and writing in a more bizarro direction.  I have been reading and writing in that style for over fifteen years but I also write horror and dark fantasy.  I am still in the middle of writing a dark fantasy trilogy that will hopefully be completed in the next year. But I consciously decided to focus on bizarro. It is a genre that I feel very close to and would like to help grow every way I can.

I read some great books from Danger Slater (I Will Rot Without You is amazing!) Carlton Mellick III, Kevin Strange, and CV Hunt. 

I recently released a novelette titled, A Friend In Me.

It is a splatterpunk style bizarro story that came to me one day will eating dinner with the family.  Pretty strange place and time to come up with a story like that but when they come they come.

It is available exclusively as a kindle ebook and I am hoping to have it up for free as often as possible.

Hopefully people will check it out and then give my other stuff a try.

Thanks again to everyone that reads.